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What is Vantage

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The Vantage Project
A Primitive Survival Game
By: Chris Allar

Vantage has been Greenlit!

Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation MMO

Vantage is now on Facebook!
Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation Game

I will be updating the Facebook page as the primary game source, this website will still be used to download the newest game files, etc.

Vantage is now playable on Steam


If you enjoy the game Please Donate to help me continue the development of the game. My game is not funded by anyone, I use my own limited funds. Thanks, and Enjoy!

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This has been a game I have been developing for about 10+ years now on and off. It is pretty much my life's work. I simply want to make the games I think about making and I love to play, and what I think the other gamers would love to play as well. Please check out the game and let me know what you think!

The Game:

You play a pre-historic caveman. The objective is simple: stay alive!
Try to explore the world and forage for food, try to gather the materials for a fire and make one before it gets too dark to see and too cold to function. Craft stone, wood, and bone tools to make your life easier, like making a spear to go spear fishing for food. Explore a massive seamless, zoneless world using my custom graphics engine for the game called VantEdit. Full day/night cycles, dynamically textured terrain, and an entire world generation tool so you yourself can create your own world from scratch if you wish!

The game requires Directx 9.0c to be installed on your computer, if your winodws system is reguarly used and updated you should have this installed already. If not visit Microsoft DirectX Website

Also the game requires a video card with 2.0 shader support. A video card that is no older than 2-3 years should be good.


What is Vantage

Vantage is a seamless massive world RPG and a massive scale world generation system. The program is a crafting system based upon pre-historic times and the editor can create very large worlds, similar to the size of a world in a current Massively Multiplayer Game in only a matter of minutes, complete with temperature terraforming, automatic object placement over the entire world, and completely realistic non-algorithmic height terrain taken from samples off the USGS website.